Uses of a mister

Summer months can be unbearable without the use of cooling systems. A mister is one of the best options in cooling areas during the warm weather. The fan sprinkles fine mist in the air and is spread out in the fan. The fine mist cools the air and provides a similar feeling to that of an air conditioner or air cooler.

Misting fans are efficient and portable options for temperature control in different areas. These fans are more economical than air conditioners and humidifiers since they are easier to set up and require less maintenance. Another advantage of misting fans is their power consumption compared to other cooling options.

Mister usage

The rising temperature during the summer can make everyone uncomfortable most especially during outdoor activities. Most people are looking for ways to keep themselves cool.

• Outdoor events

A mister is commonly used in a specific area during festivals and special events. They can be used to provide comfort for people who are waiting in line. Often, it is also used in a preferred sitting area such as restaurants and shows. Misting fans can be the only available option for people who wants comfort during the summer since air conditioners cannot be installed outdoors.

• Green House

Although mist fans are used for outdoor events, indoor versions can also be used in green houses. They require less maintenance than humidifiers and are cheaper options for large venues most especially during 100 degree weather. They are also more environmentally friendly with regards to energy conservation and waste deposit options.

• Businesses

The problem of rising temperatures can also be applicable for business establishments that have an open air environment like coffee shops and plazas where most customers like to spend more outdoor. Part of customer service is to ensure that they are comfortable within the premises of the business. Unsatisfied customers are not likely to return or spend enough time in your business which can reduce your chance of generating more sales.

Business establishments can opt for an expensive air conditioning system which needs regular maintenance or choose a more affordable mister which can still keep customers cool during the warm weather. The machine comes in different shapes and sizes. Misting fans are also ideal for large establishments since it can benefit more people at a time.

Misting fans is able to lower the temperature to 25 degrees. Large pumps can already supply enough water for hundred misting fans. The fans can also function well during the winter even without water to circulate warm air. These fans can help operators reduce heat fatigue on machineries. It is also more convenient for employees to work on a non heat stressed environment and can make them more productive.

Guideline in using a mister

The initial set up of misting systems require a placement of high pressure pump near a water source around the perimeter of the specific area to be cooled. Therefore, while the mist evaporates, the temperature around the area drops. Remember to place the misting system at a height of 8 to 10 feet to facilitate better evaporation. Once the system is properly installed, the results can be very effective. Misting fans can also be used to suppress dust in commercial and domestic places. Misting fans can also be used along other cooling systems. The ideal time to use misting fans is when the temperature rises to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Some misting systems work best if the humidity is below 40%.

An installed misting system should not cause any wetting around the area. The place should also have adequate ventilation to ensure that evaporation will occur. Remember that the fans required to cool an entire area dictates the pump to be used. A 1 GPM pump can operate up to 8 fans at a time. However, the size of the misting pump can also be determined by the nozzle being used and the size of it.

How to Choose Military Coins Supplier?

Military coins or challenge coins have become quiet popular these days. Back in the days, military units were the only ones who used it. Today, almost all organizations present it to their members. Some use it as a form of gratitude, instead of the traditional plaque.

So, what are the qualities to look for in a military coins supplier?

1. Experience

military coinsSearch for at least three suppliers. The best way to source for suppliers is by searching over the internet. Look for reputable coin manufacturers in your neighborhood that have a track record.

Check out their portfolio online, to get a visualization of the quality of work they provide. Plus, you’ll an idea of the clientele they have worked with.

2. Offer Free Assessment

Most manufacturers, who have been in the industry for years, offer free assessment. Avoid companies that charge fees for consultation and design inquiries. These services are offered for free by experienced manufacturers.

Assuming you have selected at least three manufacturers, it’s time to book an appointment with these companies. Choose a convenient time for you and bring your design drafts or design ideas. Other manufacturers require that interested clients email them instead then through an email response, they’ll send their price quotation and design suggestions.

3. Compare Prices

Expect to receive price quotation, design and material suggestions in less than a week from the manufacturers you’ve inquired. Compare their packages and price quotations. Make a decision based on the type of material to be used and not solely on who offers the cheapest price per coin.

4. Compare Technology Used

Opt for a manufacturer who uses the latest technology. Currently, laser machines produce the finest quality coins. Designs can vary as 3D, multi-color and color changing.

5. Look for a Flexible Manufacturer

Well-experienced manufacturers will work around your needs and requirements. They are flexible when it comes to materials used, design requirements and minimum orders. They cater to the customer’s needs and make necessary adjustments needed.

6. Compare Production Time

Depending on the quantity of your order, military coins can take about less than 4 weeks to 7 weeks to make. Manufacturers offer rush production for a fee, so expect to pay more if you want your coins produced quickly.

Remember that production time will affect the quality and life span of your coins. Wait out on the production time and order ahead of time.

7. Negotiate

Don’t be shy to ask for discounts or freebies. Manufacturers can always lower their prices, if not, you can always ask for a few pieces of freebie coins. The key is to ask for discounts before you sign a contract. Haggle and you might pay way lower than what was originally quoted.

Also, some manufacturers require their clients to settle a down payment first. If the initial payment is too high for you, ask for installments instead. You can also bargain by asking the manufacturer if they can give you a discount if you pay in full; that is a sure way to get discounts.

8. Sign a contract

Most manufacturers ask their clients to sign contract after initial payment has been made. You can opt for full payment or partial, until you receive the finished product. Don’t forget this important part. It will ensure that your orders will be delivered on time. In case of delays, the manufacturer is obliged to give you a discount or freebie.

Having a signed agreement form by the manufacturer and client serves as a protection for both parties. The client is assured all the specific requirements and deadline will be met. While, the manufacturer is assured that the client will pay on time and will not cancel the orders.

There are many military coins manufacturers in the market. It takes time and patience to find the right manufacturer that meets your requirements. Always check their portfolio before signing a contract with them. Samples of their previous work are the best way to evaluate the quality of their workmanship.

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If you’re shopping for military coins, Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop, no-hassle solution to all your custom coin needs!

Other Considerations in Renting Dubai Hotel Apartments

Preparation for your stay in Dubai hotel apartments can really be stressful if you do not have any idea on how to deal with most of the processes involved in registration and other relevant concerns. This article will inform you about some of the aspects of hotel apartment rental that you are not yet familiar with at the moment. In the long run, this can help you come up with the best decisions as soon as you decide that you will stay in one of the units soon.

You may need to coordinate with the owners of the Dubai hotel apartments if you think you will arrive late in the complex.

Hotel apartmentsSome of the hotel apartment owners have established a certain time when you will be allowed to enter the premises of the units. These are but recommended times of arrival so the staff members can cater to your needs to the best of their abilities. Also, you need to keep in mind that there is a closing period for the reception department. If you will arrive late in the complex, you have to notify the hotel apartment owner in advance. This will help the entire team prepare for your arrival by giving you instructions on how you can obtain the key to your unit. Moreover, informing them in advance will help them organize an easier check in process for you in the long run.

For your baggage concerns upon arrival in the Dubai hotel apartments, it is best to inform the entire team so they can make the necessary arrangements to keep your baggage safe until you can attend to them by yourself.

In the morning, you may always leave your baggage in the storage room in the reception area. To do this, you may notify the personnel so they can prepare a storage area for you as soon as possible. In case you have arrived earlier than your baggage did, you have to notify the hotel apartment managers in advance. This will enable them to notify you in case the baggage has already arrived at the complex.
You need to keep in mind that smoking is highly discouraged in most hotel apartment complexes.

In fact, most of the hotel apartment complexes do not allow you to smoke within the vicinity. This is highly prohibited because some tenants have health problems that can be made worse if they are exposed to cigarette smoke. Moreover, they discourage smoking to help decrease the risks of fire breakouts in the area. Unfortunately, most of the hotel apartments in Dubai do not have smoking rooms in them. Most of the areas are also considered as non-smoking spots. The owners may charge you with a fixed fee if you are caught smoking.

In case you are already not interested in taking a unit, you have to cancel your reservation as soon as possible.

Most of the hotel apartments in Dubai have non-refundable payment schemes. If this is the case, you may cancel your booking anytime. This is effective for up to two days prior your specific date of arrival. If you can comply with this period, the hotel apartment owners will not charge you with additional fees. If you cancel later, you have to pay for the entire fee that will cover one night.

These are just some of the miscellaneous concerns about Dubai hotel apartments that you need to keep in mind. You have to remember that these are all important not just in the early phases of your registration and your stay, but also for the rest of your time as a tenant of the unit. If you think some of these points are not really compatible with those that the unit owners have presented to you, you should make it a point to talk to them about it. Talking about these things with the unit owners will make it easier for you to avoid serious conflicts in the future.

Guns and Safety: History of Gunpowder and the Early Firearm

To better understand firearms, it’s best to start with learning about the firearm itself. Firearms have been around for almost as long as what makes them tick: gunpowder, so it’s important to talk about both.

From life-prolonging to life-shortening

gun safesRecords suggest that gunpowder was invented in China around the 9th century A.D. Ancient Chinese scientists were experimenting with saltpeter – known chemically as potassium nitrate – in medical compounds when one of them thought of mixing it with charcoal and sulfur. The results were very explosive, causing burns on the scientists themselves, as well as their laboratory.

Officials of the Sung Dynasty soon found out about this mysterious mixture and started looking for ways of utilizing it. It was primarily used for fireworks, which meant entertainment, until they found a way of using it against the Mongol invaders. Chinese inventors eventually perfected the mixture along with the weapons that it can be used with, like early cannons and grenades.

The Chinese held a monopoly on gunpowder until the 13th century, when trades with Europe through the famed Silk Road started. By 1350, gunpowder cannons were a normal part of English and French armaments. Cannons were a deciding factor in the Hundred Years War as well as during the siege of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks.

Rise of “Hand Gonnes”

Until the 1350s, you’d have to be able to lug around a huge metal tube in order to utilize gunpowder and be considered a threat. These are definitely a far cry from what you have in your gun safes today. But in 1364, hand cannons became the first step to developing what we now know today as firearms. Hand cannons worked the same way as regular cannons did: they both employed the same muzzle-loading and firing mechanism.

The early evolution of guns did not really focus on safety or whether they would fit in gun safes or not, but more on how you can ignite the powder, as well as being able to shoot more and shoot better. Lock, stock and barrel was a common term used during the firearm’s early days, as these were three separate parts: the lock referred to the ignition, the stock was the wooden mount or holder of the gun, and the barrel is what it’s always been: where the projectile is lodged and fired from.

It took almost a half century before they could combine all three elements into one. This was called the matchlock. Primitive by today’s standards, it required the gunman to keep the still-existent slow match to use the matchlock mechanism.

Matchlock guns were eventually replaced by wheellock ignition, which involved a wheel and a piece of flint striking the wheel. Highly complicated parts, however, meant that the wheellock would not be commonplace, although it is still regarded as the best of its era.

The wheellock would eventually be replaced by the flintlock, which took advantage of flint still causing the spark yet did away with the efficiency of the complicated wheel. It was good enough to be used widely, yet not as reliable as what you’d expect. It was only until the 1600s that the flintlock was finally perfected.

Around this time, accuracy also became an issue that was slowly being addressed. Two improvements were made: rifling and sights. Rifling takes its cue from archers, who noticed that arrows with a spin were much more accurate thanks to fletching feathers on the rear of their arrows. Gun makers took notes, experimented with prototypes from their gun safes, and added slowly twisting grooves to the barrels of their guns, imparting spin to the muskets.

With rifling making guns more accurate than ever, point-and-shoot aiming was no longer going to cut it. To take advantage of the increased accuracy, gun makers invented sights, which involve a notch at the rear of the barrel and a post at the front. Line them up, and you can be far more accurate than simply pointing and shooting your gun.

After flintlock ignition, there came a system that would launch the rapid evolution of guns: the percussion system. A percussion cap, invented in 1822, replaced the flint and pan of flintlocks and eventually made guns even more efficient, though it would not last long, thanks to the system still being muzzle-loaded.

Breechloading, or loading a gun from behind, was largely unreliable due to materials and design problems until the early 19th century. It remains a staple in gun design today. Rapid-firing guns soon followed, along with the pin firing system and the self-contained cartridge, and guns as people have in their gun safes today were born.

What’s a Good Live Chat Support Service?

A live chat support service may just be what your website needs in order for it to grow. That said, you have to make sure that you have a great kind of live chat support, or else, things may not work well. Do not worry though because developing a great kind of chat support service is not rocket science and it’s something that you surely will be able to do.

So, how can you make sure that your chat support service is something good and reliable? Keep these things in mind:

live chat Train your agents well. Since mostly everyone these days know how to use a computer because it is the digital age, this will not be a problem. What you have to keep in mind though is that your agents have to know how to be decent and respectful, even if they would only be dealing with the customers online. They also have to be more human than robotic, because after all, you did not hire robots to answer people’s questions for you. People are more likely to patronize your services and appreciate what you have to offer if they know that the people they are talking to are real people and not just robots.

Have a 24/7 live chat support service. Because people from all over the world would be visiting your website, you have to make sure that whatever time of the day it is, someone would be able to answer their queries and be able to assess their needs. Of course, one agent alone cannot be able to handle the phone lines all day and that’s why it is important that you have a team of agents to help you out with this.

Empathy is very important when dealing with customers. Customers have to feel like you understand what they are going through and that you really want to help them out, instead of just asking them to leave their questions and not being able to have those questions answered.

Hiring agents with sales experience would be good. This is because they would know how to deal with customers better and they would know what to do and what to say in order to let your customers decide to buy your products.

Have a good and reliable internet connection. Customers do not want to deal with a bad kind of live chat support. If the connection gets interrupted all the time, or if they cannot even post their questions and talk to the same agent because the line gets disconnected, then what would be the point?

It would also be good to put in some chat features such as fonts, font size, font colors and the like. This is in order to make sure that the customer would be able to read your answers well and that they would be able to read what they have typed well, too.

And remember, being proactive is the key. A great chat support service is something that has proactive agents who really make sure that they think of what the customer needs and make sure that they sound lively and friendly. Even if the customer cannot hear them, they surely will know if someone is interested in helping them or not based on what that person has written.

Keep these guidelines about live chat support in mind and you surely will be able to do something good for your business.

Start monitoring your website with live chat support.

Tips to Getting Professional Debt Help

Debt is one of the most common problems facing the majority of the world today. Millions of people are struggling with various degrees of debt and thousands of others will never actually get out of debt. Sadly, it is very common for people to get so far into debt that they do not know how to get out, and that is where professional debt help comes in.

debt helpA lot of debt isn’t healthy. While you can be indebted to the bank for your mortgage, or to the government for a student loan, these are both examples of healthy debt situations. Most people that are in this type of situation have a stable job and are paying their loan off month by month when they get their paychecks. However, there are types of unhealthy debt at well. Most of the time, debt problems come from unsecured debt such as credit card debt, debt from phone and utility bills or large personal loans. This is unhealthy because it is easy to let this spiral out of control. Many times, professional debt help is required to get someone out of these unhealthy situations.

There are a few different types of professional debt help that you can get to help you get out of the debt you are in. One is debt counseling and this is applicable depending on how much debt you are in. If you are not in too far over your head, debt counseling is great because it can provide you with a solid foundation for managing your money better in the short term and the long term. This will help to pull you out of the debt you are currently in without taking any drastic measures.

Debt consolidation is another type of debt help you can get. This involves taking out a ‘consolidation loan’ to pay off all of your outstanding debts. In theory, this does continue to have you in debt but what it does accomplish is paying off your outstanding debts, many of which you probably are overdue on and accruing a lot of interest. These debt consolidation loans typically come with a lower interest rate and a much more affordable monthly payment.

Finally, you can get some professional debt help with debt settlement. This is where you stop paying your monthly payments and instead, put this money towards a trust account that will go to you paying off a lump sum to your creditor. Then, your professional debt help will talk to the creditor and negotiate the total amount of your debt until it is at a number that you can afford. With the lump sum that you have been saving up, you can finally pay your debt off!

What are the Functions of Help Desk Software?

In general, help desk software allows companies to efficiently manage all client data and requests received daily. It also serves clients in the most efficient and convenient way possible. To better understand how such software works, below are some of its key functions and how it helps in the improvement of client-company relationships.

Organizes by Criteria

Requests are not all the same, some might require tracking while others are easily solvable. Regardless of the difficulty, it will be much easier for the customer support to be able to a filtered and organized view of stored data. Help desk software can provide such accurate filtering capabilities. When requests are filtered, each are separated based on a specific category, which may include the following:

Auto-Assigned Requests to Specific Employees
Requests Arranged by Time and Date
How Requests Arrived: E-mail, Phone, Chat Support, etc.
Alphabetical Account Names

Automates Requests to Designated Staff

Automation enables critical issues to be directly sent to supervisors for immediate solution. There are types of requests that cannot be solved by some staffers. Some cases require IT technicians’ skill while others simply need the knowledge of superiors. With help desk software these types of requests can be designated accordingly, and employees will not have to deal with several call transfers.

Categorizes by Date and Urgency

It is common for a customer support setting to lose track of some data without proper software. The result is that a customer becomes highly unsatisfied, even angry, for being unassisted. Companies know that immediate assistance is the key to keeping client-customer relationships in good terms. With help desk software, basic requests can be delivered behind urgent ones so that those who need immediate help can be assisted quickly. Organized by time, date and urgency, the staffers can quickly identify the problem. As a result they can deliver a solution in 5 minutes or less.

Organizes Account and Product Information

Another important factor for delivering solutions efficiently is finding account names in lesser time. Most customer support services involve product information and account concerns. With cases like these, callers are often asked for their product’s model or account number. These involve a lot of coded numbers and letters and, if unorganized, are very difficult to find and become such a nuisance. The idea is simple and understandable; if the account number and product details are unorganized, staffers will spend more time searching for a match than finding the error.

With help desk software, staffers will effortlessly find details, identify problems and solve them. The company’s customer support system can avoid receiving a bad reputation and its customers will be able to appreciate their products’ true quality.

How to Promote Your Website through the Help of SEO Companies?

Website promotion is an importantSEO Companies aspect of any online business. However, not all individuals have the right skills and knowledge to effectively market a site and to extend its reach and improve its presence. One great way to ensure the quality of website promotions is by getting the service of SEO companies.

It is important to find a company that provides reasonable rates and is composed of a team of professionals that employ techniques and strategies to gain outstanding results. The SEO team must be driven by results with a special eye not only for quality but also for identifying the latest trends in SEO.

Even though some businesses see hiring SEO services as add-on expenses.

These are becoming priorities for most entrepreneurs who know the value of online marketing. Plus, there are SEO companies that offer competitive prices on top of the customized services they want.

However, remember not to resort to cheap services that do not involve high quality. Usually, these services are detrimental to the credibility and image of a website. This includes poor content, faulty web design, spamming, and black hat SEO techniques among others. Remember, this may not only cost you your business but also your online presence and reputation.

The latest trend in the online world is to outsource marketing tasks to SEO service providers. The main advantage for this is lower operating costs and higher tax incentives.

The backbone of web promotions through SEO is choosing keywords. When experts are optimizing any website for search engine marketing, they must carefully think of keywords that are competitive. Meanwhile, customers must be clear who their target market is when choosing keywords.

Another crucial aspect of website promotion is the effective use of tags. Common SEO strategies include creation of meta and title tags. Once search engines evaluate a website, the meta and title tags get more attention. Hence, it is important for the SEO company to incorporate the keywords in these tags.

You can also choose to promote a website through SEO firms by creating specialized articles that can be published in various article directories. Every article must have the relevant links that will guide the readers back to your main webpage. Choose a company that provides professional writers who can develop not only optimized content but also articles that are informative and relevant to your niche. Meanwhile, writers from these companies can also develop website content. Bear in mind that you must not compromise the web content that you upload on your website as it can greatly affect your online presence.

Other SEO services that are often provided by SEO companies are social bookmarking, blogging, social media management, forums marketing, press releases, and classifieds.

SEO Tips: Social Media is the Trend

With the constantly changing technology and the changes in approach that Internet users have to finding information, it can feel like it gets to be difficult for you and your website to try and keep up. In today’s world, the use of social media has become more important than ever. People often check several social media sites many times a day for a variety of reasons. This makes it all the more important for you to try to incorporate this trend into your Search Engine Optimization. One of the high priority SEO tips today is that it is crucial for you to get involved in social media if you want good results with the search engines.

social-mediaSearch engines ever realize just how important the use of social media is today. They have begun to give it a higher priority on their results pages, almost to the point where it is easy to find a social media account that is linked directly to a business. This makes it important for you to establish a social media presence if you want your business to succeed. Besides giving you a way to interact with more people, it can greatly increase where you would appear in search engine results.

Of all the SEO tips that you may come across today, the use of social media has jumped to the forefront. Establishing accounts and pages on any of the social media outlets does not cost you anything but the time you need to put into it. With a little bit of effort on your part, you can see tremendous results from the use of these accounts